Head Games the Book

“If you are a parent of a child in any contact sport you must read this book. If you participate in any contact sport you owe it to yourself to check this book out. This book should be mandatory reading for every sports coach in America.” -Eric Cohen, About.com

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Author's note: Original 2006 Head Games is out of print. The 2014 3rd edition has builds on the 2006 first edition and has 75% new content covering 2006-2014 and the latest recommendations for keeping athletes safe.

Praise for 2012 Edition

“When I first met Chris Nowinski, I knew he had the passion and commitment to make a difference in the world of concussions. His book, Head Games, speaks to the severity and dangers of concussions and is a must-read for everyone. His work and determination have inspired me to promote increased education, awareness and recognition of the concussion injury.”
-Taylor Twellman, five-time All-Star and 2005 Major League Soccer MVP and founder of ThinkTaylor.Org

“Head Games is an eye-opening and intense journey that is a must-read for parents and athletes alike. This amazing story tells each of us what we still have to do to ensure the safety of our kids.”
-Isaiah Kacyvenski, retired eight-year NFL veteran, three-time first-team All-Ivy at Harvard University

Head Games is an alarming and educational journey on concussions in sports. If you are an athlete, work with athletes or simply love an athlete; Head Games is a must-read to help ensure their short and long-term safety.”
-Cindy Parlow, three-time Olympic Medalist, World Cup Champion, US National Soccer Team

“With the release of Head Games Chris Nowinski has become the Paul Revere of the study of traumatic encephalopathy; sound the alarm about the growing concussion crisis in the sports. Nowinski’s work has been of incalculable benefit to the lives of countless athletes, coaches, and parents.”
-Mick Foley, three-time WWE world champion, bestselling author of Have a Nice Day and Countdown to Lockdown

“In his book Head Games, Nowinski details his own personal struggle with his career-ending head injury and, through stories of other athletes who have suffered concussions, engages the readers to regard this injury as a public health crisis.   While several questions remain to be answered through continued research, there is no question that the largest challenge is for all of us--teammates, family members, coaches, teachers, and yes, health care providers--to do a better job identifying concussions and keeping athletes off the playing field until their brains have fully recovered. Head Games is a must-read for all of us.”
-Cindy J. Chang, MD, Chief Medical Officer, 2012 US Olympic Team and Head Team Physician, University of California, Berkeley 1995-2008

“I recommend this book ardently to every athlete of especially contact/collision sports and to their parents and family. Chris has compiled an encyclopedic resource on this topic that will not only enhance informed decisions by athletes and their families but also, with the knowledge contained in between these covers, afford safer participation.”
-Robert Cantu, MD, senior advisor, NFL Head, Neck, and Spine Committee and author of Concussions and Our Kids